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Fun at Bartending TrainingBartending Jobs like these are available now once you graduate from one of our bartending schools.Click here to see how you can make money after a professional Bartenders training.Our Locations!  California Bartending Schools: Canyon Country, California. Covina, California, Hollywood, California. Mountain View, California. Orange County, California. Riverside, California. San Diego, California. San Francisco, California. San Marcos, California. Sherman Oaks, California. South Bay, California. West Los Angeles, California. Florida Bartending Schools: Ft. Myers, Florida. Nevada Bartending Schools: Las Vegas, Nevada.Bartending Jobs like these are available now once you graduate from one of our bartending schools.
California Bartending Schools.
Our bartending schools teaching staff have been approved by the California Department of Education.
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National Bartenders School is your best choice for professional bartender training. We are California's largest chain of privately owned bartending schools with locations throughout Southern and Northern California, including San Diego, San Francisco, Long Beach (Lakewood) & four Los Angeles Bartending Schools. If you live in California a National Bartender Bartending School is likely right around the corner. And with NBS, a fun job working in great bars and restaurants and meeting exciting people is also right around the corner. Bartending is one of the few job skills always in demand, and portable worldwide. Interested? Give us a call today at 1-800-646-MIXX (6499) and get started on a fun, new career today!

National Bartenders School is now offering Casino Dealer Training in Poker, Blackjack and other exciting casino games at our Los Angeles & Orange County California Bartending School Campuses! Visit the Casino Dealer College website or call 1.800.99.DEAL21 (1.800.993.3252) for full details!


State Specific Minimum Bartending Ages:

Note: Please use the information below as a guide. The minimum age could vary on a city and or county basis. The minimum age to attend one of our Bartending Schools is 18.


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We now offer Casino Party Planning Services in Los Angeles California.

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